3-5 pages excluding cover page

Workforce for 21st Century Health and Health Care: A Vital Direction for Health and Health Care
January 13, 2021
? Can our history help to inform our responses?
January 13, 2021

3-5 pages excluding cover page

Using the information you have gathered about types of health care organizations in this course, complete the following assignment:

  • Select 1 type of health care organization that you feel is optimally effective and efficient in delivering health services and products as applicable.
  • Compare this health care organization with one that is optimally ineffective in delivering health services and products as applicable.
  • Summarize reasons why each organization is most or least effective and efficient as related to the payer mix, customer and patient demographics, supply and demand factors, legislation and regulations, and other components.
  • Summarize your findings, and offer at least 3 suggestions to make the least effective or efficient organization more effective and efficient with justification and rationale.

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