Delegation affects employees in all of the following ways except: increasing their motivation B).increasing their satisfaction C). increasing their…
September 9, 2020
what is the best leadership strategies to use for leading a team with five members in a small company with various skills and personality?
September 9, 2020


The answer should be at most 1 paragraogh for both of these questions.


Describe three issues/problems that a company could encounter when trying to determine the actual cost of a good or service to be used in the cost of goods sold. For each of your issues, provide an example of a company or industry where these issues could be present.




We’ve all experienced (or heard about) the challenges that the airlines have been facing. Read the Zacks Investment Research article, “Airline Industry Stock Outlook – August 2012” Identify three factors that are affecting airline company’s ability to break even. For each of your factors, discuss how these have an impact on the breakeven (contribution margin, fixed costs, variable costs, a combination, etc.), and what happens if these factors increase or decrease.


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