analyze the given poems |

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January 23, 2021
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January 23, 2021

analyze the given poems |

Once you have read through pages 485-498 (Understanding Poetry, Origins of Modern Poetry, & Defining Poetry) you are ready to begin! Each day for the remainder of the year, you will be given 2-4 poems to paraphrase and analyze with your group. At the end of the semester, your collection will be graded, and you will receive a cumulative grade for the assignment. Refer to “Richard Cory” for format.

There are several steps to this project.

  • First and most importantly, you must read each poem assigned twice before even attempting to approach it for deeper meaning. Read the poem allowed. They are meant to be heard!
  • Second paraphrase the poem. Write in your own words what the poet is saying in each line of the poem. As you work through it, you’ll see which areas you need to concentrate on.
  • Next analyze the poem. Look at the title because often it is an introduction and may provide important clues for understanding the piece. Rremember not to confuse the poet with the “speaker” of the poem. Often, the speaker is a character, just like in a novel or a play. Determining who the speaker is will help you approach the work more easily. Pay attention to punctuation and word choice. Poets select each word carefully, therefore none should be dismissed. Images and symbols all have a purpose in the overall meaning of the poem.
  • Many poems are intentionally open-ended and refuse to resolve their internal tensions. While it is desirable to understand what a poem is saying, remember that there are approaches and interpretations other than your own.

the poems are

1) my papas waltz

and 2)

the man he killed

ill upload the poems

no plgarism plagiarism report

1 page each

analyze and paraphrase

uploading an example on how it should look

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