BA3102 Sp’19 Temple Ethical Dilemmas In Business Society

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January 12, 2021
Compare and contrast the organizational chart of a correctional facility with that of a police department
January 12, 2021

BA3102 Sp’19 Temple Ethical Dilemmas In Business Society

BA 3102

Spring, 2019

Reflection Paper #1

Due February 11

Please discuss an ethical dilemma you’ve faced in your life. If possible, pick one that relates to a

work situation, though one from your personal life will be fine as well. Please describe the dilemma, and if you’re comfortable indicate what decision or course of action you took. Then, discuss any personal and any situational/organizational factors that came into play (as we discussed in class related to the Parable of the Sadhu). Please mention them briefly, and how they may have affected your moral awareness and decision.

Your paper should be one to two double-spaced pages, using 1 inch margins and a normal sized font.

Please submit through Canvas as a Word doc. To receive full credit, your submission should be coherent, have the dilemma fully explained and refer to something we have discussed in class. If any of these items are missed or not clear, partial credit will be earned.


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