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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Biology homework help

During this module, we learned about the historical development of horticultural therapy and its professional attributes.
In your initial discussion post, identify a section in AHTA’s Professional Code of Ethics and a standard in AHTA’s Standards of Practice that you think is most important. For each choice, provide thoughts, experiences, course content, opinions, and/or beliefs to support your answer. In addition, cite at least one credible reference that supports your stance for each choice. Review the In-Depth Literature Searching (Links to an external site.) video if needed.
Your initial post should be approximately 250-300 words, well-written and concise, free of typos, and use proper sentence structure, grammar, and capitalization. When citing research, use APA formatted references and be sure to include in-text citations. Review the Citing Sources (Links to an external site.) video if needed.
Your initial post will receive up to 30 points and is due on Oct. 9.
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