Case brief for the case Kelo v. New London.

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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Case brief for the case Kelo v. New London.

A comprehensive brief includes the following elements: 1 Title and Citation 2 Facts of the Case 3 Issues 4 Decisions (Holdings) 5 Reasoning (Rationale) 6 Dissenting Opinion (if assigned by instructor) 7 Analysis.

Writers frequently misunderstand the layout that is being described above and elaborated below in the attachments.

Please see the format!

please start briefing the assignment by reading the entire case, and then following the instructions in the file attached that will describe how you should go about briefing a case.

I only want you to brief the decision of the court (in this case, that’s Justice Stevens’s opinion) and Justice O’Connor’s dissent.

But don’t try to brief the case before reading the instructions on how to brief a case! If you do, there’s an excellent chance you will not receive any money!

case link:…

Thank you!


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