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November 14, 2020
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civil Engineering paper | Submit Your Essays

1. Your company just got two new contracts to be completed simultaneously within one week. The two contracts are:

1.To survey the intersection of West Wendover Avenue and the 1-40 Interstate highway.

2.To survey City of Greensboro wetland. The wetland is known for ticks and snake infestation.

As the newly promoted survey party Chief, what will be the safety concerns that you need to address with your team before your head out for the projects and why?

2. You just started your own survey company and you got a liability insurance coverage from a reputable insurance company because your department Chair gave you a good recommendation. But in the past six months your company was involved in multiple accidents and your company sued for and mistake.

What do think will happen to your liability insurance premium and why

Limit your responses to a maximum of one page.


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