Compare yourself to your invisible mentor

Iran Nuclear Deal
January 12, 2021
Construct a line chart of each data set, and use the Add Trendline tool to determine the best-fitting functions to model these data sets.
January 12, 2021

Compare yourself to your invisible mentor


For this assignment, determine the best leadership theory for you to portray and then compare that to your “invisible mentor” in a paper. Examine yourself using leadership theories, and determine the best theory you should use. Do the same for your mentor – determine the leadership theory they exhibit. Then, compare yourself to your mentor.

For the assignment, submit the following in a two-minute presentation. Your presentation will consist of voiceover/narration (from you) with visuals. The visuals can be created using PowerPoint, Prezi, or something similar.

How do I create an audio recording for my class assignment?

  • Analysis of the leadership theory you should portray.
  • Assessment of the leadership theory your “invisible mentor” portrays.
  • Comparison between the two:
    • What is similar?
    • What is different?
    • How should you adapt your leadership to be more effective?

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