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In your opinion what is the key factor or factors that contribute to crime
May 1, 2021
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May 1, 2021
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cp5 one page

Your customer service helpdesk team is facing a vacation and holiday season during which many team members will be out of the office.To minimize the stress associated with having people out of the office, your team has decided to put together a checklist that will ensure team members are consistent in their efforts to prepare for time out of the office and consistent in their efforts to get catch up quickly when they return to the office.

conduct a brainstorming,develop the following:

  • A checklist for your team before going on vacation (at least 5 items)
  • A checklist for your team after returning from vacation (at least 5 items)

The checklist to be completed before going on vacation would include activities such as changing your voice mail message to one that indicates you are out of the office, and when you will return and transferring ownership of all your open incidents, etc.The checklist to be completed when you return would include activities such as changing your voice mail greeting back to the standard greeting and reading and responding to email messages, etc.


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