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How does this experience compare with the material you are reading for this course? (SWOT, Porter’s Five Competitive Forces, Blue Ocean, Red Ocean, Big Data).
May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021
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discussion board question 163 – The Nursing Hub

Answer the following discussion board questions in DEPTH and DETAILS and use reliable updated resources and references:

“1. Read the entire “Recommendations for Best Practices” paper. At the end of the paper – beginning on page 31 – there is an annotated bibliography that includes several relevant papers. Track down any two of those papers, read them and write a 250 word (max) summary. Note – Only one student can summarize any paper. First come, first served. Make your choice, stake your claim, post your intent to review the paper.

2. The Jenkins et al paper discusses “The Disaster Cycle” and “Issues for a Successful Recovery.” Choose one of those topics and research the literature to support what these authors have to say. Write a 250 word summary of the article you found.”


connecting future evacuation to current recovery – saving the lives of older people.pdf

recommendations for best practices in the management of elderly disaster victims.pdf

Frail elderly as dis victims-Fernandez.pdf


***APA sitation style

***Use only updated resources

***Use Additional Resources and Implement your critical thinking into the discussion


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