discussion question

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October 7, 2020
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October 7, 2020

discussion question

Read for reference: Use the Mini Guide to Critical Thinking as a reference (Paul & Elder, 2012)

  • Select a problem, ethical dilemma, or situation you recently faced or one in the past that required you to problem solve after much reflection.
  • Describe the situation and then explain why it was a difficult or challenging problem.
  • How did you resolve your ethical dilemma, problem, or situation? Which tools of the mind from Paul & Elder, or from the articles you read or decision-making problems you used, would change given what you now know about critical thinking?
  • Write a short response of 500 words or post a short YouTube, Presentation, or Model presentation and include bulleted points describing the tools you used to resolve your issue or problem.

Back up your claims and positions in the paper with at least two scholarly sources. You may use course readings or other scholarly readings.

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