Economics homework help

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February 20, 2021
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Economics homework help

1. The title of the project work is A REPORT ON DEMAND  SUPPLY & ELASTICITY OF COCA-COLA
2. Below is the Syllabus for this course and attached  is the rubric  as a guideline for the above project
3. No Plagiarism
• Demonstrate an understanding of the workings of a competitive price, or market system.
o Describe the basic structure of a price or market system and how it works.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of price elasticity and utility theory as a basis in understanding consumer demand.
o Calculate and  measures of both utility and price elasticity and discuss their determinants.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of production and cost in the short- and long-runs, as well as the basic types of market structures in an economy.
o Be able to calculate production costs and how firms select output and pricing in various market structures.
MICROECONOMICS; Hubbard and O’Brien; Pearson Publishing; 8th edition w/ MyEconLab


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