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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Economics homework help – Coursework Geeks

Your research paper proposal will be based on a research inquiry that you choose, and the professor approves. After reviewing the detailed instructions for this assignment from the Research Paper Proposal Guide, you are required to email your topic choice to your professor and request approval.
Students are expected to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. All written assignments must be in APA form and should be double-spaced with 12point font and Times New Roman Script. Full citation is expected, according to APA. Papers are evaluated on process and substance, including the student’s ability to synthesize the material and provide a critical analysis of the issue(s) raised.
The paper must conform to APA citation guidelines. This paper should also reflect undergraduate level work in content, appearance, organization, grammar, and effort. Be sure to proof-read/spell check the final draft of the paper before submitting it to the instructor. Reading the paper out loud often points out spelling and grammatical errors, as well as incorrect word usage
This is what I wrote to explain my paper to teacher
What I am going to attempt to write about is how the spread of COVID 19 has affected the cost and damage the overall monetary gains of crew ships. The CDC which typically do not post health warnings on transportation such as train, ships, airplanes or trains has advised the U.S. government to stop all cruise travel. Because of the uniqueness of the situation because of this deadly disease the shipping industry has lost a high amount of revenue. I am going to try and show the overall lost and impact that this disease has on the cruise industry which is supposed to be a relaxing and fun time with family and friends.
First, I am going to start by explaining the way COVID 19 spreads and the dangers of the disease and ships being such close quarters the reason it was cancelled. As of now I don’t know if it has started back with restrictions or social distancing rules but will let it be known as I do my research. I am also going to show the differences between cruise lines on the regular prices and how much money is being lost by these companies. I know the lost is going to be a crazy amount just by knowing the cost for each person being on a cruise. I am also going to explain if I believe the shipping industry going to make a come back or fail after the COVID 19 scare hopefully passes.
I am going to show the full loss of the employees that work on a ship and the total cost it takes to run a successful cruise. Trying to show the amount of money being poured in to have a ship run daily rather a three day to a week cruise. I am also going to investigate seeing if this industry is one of the ones that gets a big bail out from the government. Anyway, that is the plan if I can stay on course and don’t get distracted and go another route, but this is going to be the meat and potatoes of my paper. Any help into looking in other avenues in this field I am attempting to investigate is always appreciated.


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