EEC1971 Rasmussen College Module 3 The Planning Process Assignment

Prepare a 10-slide multimedia-rich presentation with speaker notes that presents your view on best practices for BI and CRM systems.Record at least a 5-minute voiceover to accompany your presentation.
September 10, 2020
Create a 1-page diagram that illustrates at least five operational sources and five business usages of CRM data that would be stored in the data warehouse and used for the CRM system from that busines
September 10, 2020

EEC1971 Rasmussen College Module 3 The Planning Process Assignment

Effective early childhood professionals acquire knowledge and develop their teaching strategies across several key areas of practice.

Key Area of Practice for Module 03: The Planning Process

You now have knowledge and practices related to planning. However, the information collected is meaningful only if you can decipher and/or use if to promote a child’s growth and development. For this assignment, you will focus on how to plan curriculum and activities to meet the unique needs of learners. What instructions strategies will you plan to use?

To complete this assignment, first watch the video below to explore this key area of practice and how it can be applied in the field of early childhood education.

Planning Instruction: Succeeding as a Teacher

Next, answer the following questions, In your written responses, be sure to use complete sentences as well as proper punctuation and grammar.

Reflect on this module’s key area of practice. Share specific examples of what this looked like in the video.

Share an example of how you plan to use this key area of practice in your work with young children and families.

Briefly share one “a-ha” moment or a key take-away from the video.

Download the template containing these questions below. Be sure to rename the the downloaded template with the current module number so you don’t overwrite an assignment from previous modules.

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