emergency and disaster management 1

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April 9, 2021
What are the justifications for employer drug testing programs?/How does this testing affect the civil rights of employees?/What categories of employees, prospective or current, should be tested?
April 9, 2021

emergency and disaster management 1


  • A community of approximately 10,000 has been exposed to an unknown virus. It appears to be spread by contact. At present, only a small portion of the population is affected. Government leaders and health officials are contemplating community containment. Discuss how you, as the logistic chief, would supply and support emergency operations, what agencies would you seek support from, and establish points of distribution.


1- write as a second language.

2- use APA style.

3- include in text citation

4- write 10 pages.

5- include references.

in the attachment you will find my friend’s paper for the same topic to help you in writing and to understand what expect.


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