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February 20, 2021
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February 20, 2021

English homework help

  1. Watch the performance.
  2. Identify the dance selection that you would like to analyze.
  3. Fill out the Dance Analysis Handout that I provided in Weekly Module 3.
  4. Submit your response in the Extra Credit Journal module.

Credits for the performance including performer & choreographer names, musical selections and titles are below:

  • Director/Post Edit: Wang Yuanqing
  • Performer: Alexis Kam Hiu Lam
  • Dance and Concept: Sandra Paola López Ramírez
  • Director: Chris Reyman
  • Videography/Camera: Laura Bustillos Jaquez
  • Audio Engineer: Justin Leeah
  • Musicians: Chris Reyman, Moog Theremini; Armand Beaudoin, bassetto and sound synthesis; Erik Unsworth, string bass
About Inertia
  • Choreographer/Director: Tom Tsai
  • Performer: Tom Tsai
  • Choreographer/Performer: CJ Anderson
  • Cinamatographer/Video Editor: Tara Baker
  • Music: D.F.G.
  • Choreographer/Director: Melissa Sanderson
  • Performer: Melissa Sanderson
  • Music: West Oxking
  • Choreographer/Director: Michael Parmelee and Paty Lorena Solórzano
  • Performers: Michael Parmelee and Paty Lorena Solórzano
  • Music: Glacier by Jerry Lacey/Epidemic
  • Sound & Candle Castle by Aleph One/Epidemic Sound (stock.adobe.com)
  • Choreographer/Director: Filomena Rusciano
  • Performer: Filomena Rusciano
  • Music: “Terzo periodo” by Paolo Barone and Piero Ennio
Anima and Animus
  • Director: Anabella Lenzu
  • Cinematographer & Editor: Angelo Vasta
  • Performers: Salvatore Cataldo and Anabella Lenzu
  • Choreographer/Director: Cristina Goletti
  • Camera: Mike Grove
  • Performer: Cristina Goletti
No me gusta el presente
  • Choreographer/Director: (Original Idea): Mendoza Chávez, Wilber and Quezada Shrimpton, Natalia
  • Performers/Dancers:  Mendoza Chávez, Wilber and Quezada Shrimpton, Natalia.
  • Cinematography: Gallardo, Harumi; Mendoza Chávez, Wilber; Quezada Shrimpton,Frances and Quezada Shrimpton, Natalia.
  • Editing: Mendoza Chávez, Wilber and Quezada Shrimpton, Natalia.
  • Music: Couples ii and Three on one- Leela by Ran Bagno
  • Sound Post-Production: Icatiani Arenas Location: YUC.OAX. MÉXICO, 2020
Being Together
  • Choreographer/Director/Collaborators: Body Shift Collective/Olivia O’Hare and Ana Baer/Merge
  • DancePerformers: Body Shift Collective:  Susie Angel, Dany Casey, Errin Delperdang, Veronica DeWitt, Kelly Hasandras, Juan Munoz, Olivia O’Hare, Joey Smallets, Pat Stone, Tanya Winters;
  • Merge Dance Company:  Sara Denman, Erin Ellis, Mark Gonzales, Charles Graham, Lauren Grumbles, Tayler Jenkins, Nakenya Minnieweather, Kalista Reyna, Michele Short
  • Music: Richard D. Hall

link to VIDEO https://youtu.be/ugPX8ZnsnQo


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