Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and the Strategic Damage to National Security

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October 7, 2020
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October 7, 2020

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and the Strategic Damage to National Security

This paper will build on what you’ve done in the previous modules, and it should focus on an ethical issue (current or in history) affecting U.S. national security.  The previous module assignments allowed you to build a number of resources and portions of the project so that, as you complete this assignment, you are not writing a 4-6 page paper from scratch in one week, but building on your previous work with added insights, analysis and an overall synthesis of ideas, themes and theories into a cohesive whole. The final project will pull together all the previous module topics which focused on the learning outcomes for this course.

The module learning outcomes addressed in this activity are:

Create a 4-6 page paper applying discipline theories to current issues in ethics within the context of the National Security profession.

Create an outline to organize your work and structure the paper so the paragraphs work together to build a cohesive argument and support your conclusions.


·         4-6 page

·         APA Formatting Guidelines (follow these for font, indents, margins, bibliographic references and, most importantly, the citations within the text of the body of your paper!)

·         Use 12-point font.

National Security Ethics and Diversity class


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