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March 27, 2021
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March 27, 2021

entrepreneurship individual project 3 | nursing writers

Entrepreneurship Individual Project 3

Please use questionnaire ( at least 300 words ) put it in the appendix and give me the questionnare data collection with excel in essay to analysis and ? finish on time and give me a high level essay . Thank U !

Q. Critically evaluate the barriers and enablers of entrepreneurial activity in terms of the people, processes, and structures of an organization of your choosing. How can these barriers be reduced? a. In order to answer this question you are expected to collect and analyse PRIMARY data from an organization or start-up of your choosing through interviews or through questionnaire distribution. Your interview questions, questionnaire and analysis should be based in lecture material and relevant academic reading. b. Report format c. Support your argument with relevant academic theory as well as practical examples. Wider reading tends to be associated with higher marks. d. You must submit your interview questions and/or questionnaire as an appendix to your coursework. e. An electronic copy must be uploaded to LEARN where it will also be checked for plagiarism f. Make sure your name is stated clearly on this document g. You must keep digital copies of the interviews (recordings) and the questionnaire responses until you have graduated as we may ask to see them.


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