Environmental science homework help

5 page journal annotative bibliography about communication theory
April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Environmental science homework help

Turkey Point: More Questions Than Answers?
The Turkey Point nuclear power station was built in 1972 by Florida Power & Light Corporation on the shore of Biscayne Bay about 25 miles south of Downtown Miami. It is the largest electrical power generating station in Florida and the sixth largest in the United States. FPL has applied to the State of Florida’s Public Service Commission and to the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build two additional reactors on this site.
After reading your textbook’s section on how electricity is generated by nuclear fission, read the following articles for backgrounding prior to participating in this Forum.

  • Eye on Miami: Time to Replace the Failed Cooling Canal System at Turkey Point Nuclear Plant with Conventional Cooling Towers Now 
  • FPL Wins Fight to Store Radioactive Waste Under Miami’s Drinking Water
  • FPL’s page: Turkey Point 6 & 7 – the proposed, new reactors for the site
  • FPL’s page: Turkey Point Facts
  • FPL Postpones Nuclear Plant Expansion For Now.
  • Turkey Point Nuclear Plant On Way To Expansion. But Will It Survive A Changing Industry

A. As someone who lives and votes in South Florida (if you don’t live in South Florida, imagine that you live and work in downtown Miami – 25 miles away from Turkey Point as the Turkey Vulture glides), you will create a list of six (6) questions in rank order of importance to you about FPL’s nuclear power operations.
For each question, briefly (at least two complete sentences) explain why it is important that you get an answer to this question – now!
Use the following format to earn up to 12 points (2 points/question + reason)
Question 1:
Reason 1:
B. After you have posted, you must respond to at least one of your classmates right there on the discussion thread. This is worth 1+3 = 4 points.

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