A company is planning to transport hydrogen, carbon, and sulfur by train to another city. Identify the labels, marking, and placards that the DOT…
September 9, 2020
Allard and W. Clement determined recombination rates for a series of genes in lima beans (R.Allard and W. Clement. 1959. Journal of Heredity…
September 9, 2020


Deliverable Length:2–3 pages



View problem scenario A to learn more about Bill and Joe’s relationship.

Joe must decide how he will answer Bill’s invitation to join him and his family on their yacht. Complete the following in a paper of 2–3 pages:

  • How should Joe respond to Bill’s invitation?
  • What ethical theory supports how you think Joe should respond to this invitation?
  • Why would you use this theory?
  • What might others with a different view than yours say in this situation?
  • How would you refute those opposing perspectives?
  • Is there a compromise or creative solution to this problem?
    • If so, what is it?
    • Why is it feasible?


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