Evolution of the Mississippi River System |

Discuss how the study of child and adolescent development has changed over time.
January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

Evolution of the Mississippi River System |

This is not a book report or a personal soapbox; it is an opportunity for you to reflect on the multiple perspectives and complex relationships presented by McPhee in Atchafalaya. You have quite a bit of latitude in your approach; you can consider a single perspective or the interaction of multiple perspectives. The perspective you take could a broad one: that of the river, of the Army Corps of Engineers, the community of Morgan City, academia…… You could also consider a more personal approach using one of the many individuals McPhee characterizes or y creating your own individual. Another option is to consider one of the many relationships McPhee presents: Army Corps vs. the River, Oliver Houck and General Sands, river boat captains and the River…

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