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Excel Tutorial Assignment | term papers writer

Open the Excel Assignment Spreadsheet attached.In that file on separate pages you will find pages labeled. (I have finished the Acid Base Titration, and started the Alkalinity but having trouble finishing it and with the rest). I also provided examples for the standard addition and linear regression part.

Acid Base Titration – On this page, plot the titration curve, 1st derivative and second derivative for both the weak and strong acid titrations (6 graphs total) The graphs should meet the proper format for figures.Create a table with the end point estimates for both titrations by the three separate graphs.That is the endpoint from the titration curve, 1st derivative and second derivative plot for each.6 entries

Alkalinity – Plot the titration curve and 1st derivative.Are these graphs useful?Plot the 1st Gran function

Vol total * 10^(-pH) versus Voltitrant.

Refer to Gran document from USGS.Determine the x intercept, the bicarbonate endpoint.

Standard Addition – Determine the amount of Fluoride in the sample using a standard addition plot.You can use the excel files in this folder as an example.

Linear – Determine the slope, the intercept, the concentration of the unknown, and the error in the analysis for the concentration at a 95% confidence interval.Use the excel files provided as examples.

Solution Prep – Create a spreadsheet that calculates:

(a) The weight of MgCl2 required to create 1 kg of 1000 ppm Mg ion;

(b)The weight of the 1000 ppm stock solution required to create a 15.0000 g of a 100 ppm sub-stock solution.

(c) The weight of the 100 ppm solution required to create 15 g of each of the following: 1 ppm, 5 ppm, 10 ppm, 20 ppm, 30 ppm and 40 ppm Mg ion.


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