field research observation tools for reliability data analysis plan

Post a description of the PTSD-related behaviors evident in the Levy family interactions.
May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021
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field research observation tools for reliability data analysis plan

– Field Research-Observation Tools for Reliability

Create a tool, or instrument, to collect data about human behavior by observation. Essentially, a check sheet or prompts of what activities or signals (non-verbal behavior) you wish to collect for your research problem or question”community Preparedness for Disaster Management”. Should your research proposal not require direct observation, use the question: “What observable behaviors are currently demonstrated by the public in response to COVID-19.”


Develop, post, explain and discuss your proposed data analysis plan. This is yet another component of your research proposal, that being how you intend to analyze the data you acquire. You need to pre-establish what tests or procedures you will use for coding and statistical processing. Comment amongst yourselves about the desirability of the processes you choose.

Include your understanding of the method, strengths, weaknesses, and interpretation of the statistical measures that you choose.


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