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May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021
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Financial markets homework help

SWOT Analysis Example
You will find an extensive introduction to SWOT in Module Three and an example below. There
are also extensive resources available online, including videos in YouTube.
Your SWOT should contain no less than five factors in each of the four categories. If you
cannot identify 5-6 legitimate factors for each category you may not have given your product or
service adequate consideration and thought.
You will also create a SWOT action plan.
SWOT Action plan The concept behind a SWOT Action Plan is that, as business managers, we like to get things
done! Our job is to fix problems and capitalize on opportunities. SWOT is a very useful tool for
analyzing our business and the business environment (see Module 2 for more on this). However,
the best analysis is useless without action to apply the information. The SWOT action plan does
just that. It apples the information you uncovered in your analysis.
You will select ONE item from each of the four categories and write a very brief action planned
based on the following:
Strength: What will you do to take advantage of this strength? How will you make the most of it?
Weakness: What will you do to minimize the negative impact on your business?
Opportunity: Much like a strength, how will you capitalize on this opportunity? How can you use
it to generate revenue, build you brand or improve your competitive position?
Threat: How will you avoid this threat or minimize its impact on the business?
You will find an example of what is expected for your Action Plan below.
SWOT Example NOTE: You have the option to vary your layout, format, use of color and other stylistic devices.
This is ONLY an example, however the use of chart of some type is required.
Leo Trek is a student owned and operated business located near Saint Leo University. The firm
provides small van transportation on Thursday through Sunday to high demand locations in
Hillsborough and Pasco counties, such as Wiregrass, The Grove Shopping Center, downtown
Dade City and Ybor City. The firm aims to reduce student driving, thus providing a safer
campus, while generating revenue and creating student employment.
Strengths Weaknesses
Increases student safety Limited experience of management team
Provides economical transportation Low capital reserves
High demand among students High liability
Parental support Driver unreliability
Perceived as being “green” Fleet is used and requires maintenance
Opportunities Threats
Increasing insurance rates for young drivers Low barrier to entry
Student demand for other stops Students prefer flexibility of their own cars
The university limiting cars for freshmen Limited student budgets
Pressure and concern from parents Regulation limiting the firm’s services
Student perception of the service Student perception of the service
Action Items:
As a result of this SWOT analysis, The Leo Trek team has identified four areas requiring
particular attention.
A key Strength is the positive perception this service will have among Saint Leo parents. Driving
is always a concern for parents, especially during “party time weekends” and we believe that
they will be willing to pay a reasonable fee to our firm to relieve that anxiety.
A Weakness of particular concern is the firm’s liability. This is inherent in any firm providing
transportation, and of particular concern given the youth of our drivers. We plan to minimize this
Weakness with driver screening, regular training and insurance.
We believe an important growth Opportunity is student perception of the service. If we can
properly promote the service as being convenient, safe and “cool” we can leverage the natural
buzz found on any campus and expand our ridership.
The Threat that most concerns the Leo Trek team is lack of scheduling flexibility. While our
vans will run regular schedules, allowing students to plan their trips, we lack the spontaneity of
being able to go “where you want, when you want”. This will be hard to minimize as the vans
can only travel so often, however we believe we can offset the inconvenience with advertising
emphasizing safety and fun.


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