graduate level discusstion board see instructions

should the person add the cream just after the coffee is poured or just before drinking? Explain.
February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

graduate level discusstion board see instructions

Two Questions are below – This should be in an essay format. See instructions below the questions.

Using words, discuss the value or benefits of participatory decision-making in teams (a minimum of 2 or 3). Also, teams often have members who are reluctant to participate. Identify and describe (in detail) a minimum of three strategies that team leaders might consider using to encourage increased involvement/engagement in team decision-making processes.

1. APA Format

2. 3 cited References

3. Ensure you separated the two questions along with answers. Ensure I am able to quickly identify the 2 or 3 benefits and the three strategies, I suggest using words such as first, second, and third.

4. Ensure you use proper English and grammar. This is graduate level work which means Master’s Degree work. Ensure the answers flow correctly and explain in detail the answers. No short cuts.

5. 600 words minimum (don’t include the references in the count)

By submitting a bid on this assignment, you are accepting that you full understand what is needed. Also that this is Graduate Level work for a Master’s Degree. All the information has been provided.


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