Graph Taken From An Online Published Journal

explain how you would employ the strategies in one of the above situations
July 15, 2019
discuss a concern or recommendation you have about a bill or policy involving cybersecurity.?
July 15, 2019
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Graph Taken From An Online Published Journal


For this discussion post, please research an appropriate graph taken from an online published journal or newspaper. In your initial post, please provide the link to this graph and the document itself, and address the following questions: (400 words)

Summarize the background information presented to you in the journal or newspaper.

Focusing on the graph itself, discuss the connection between the graphic and the background information. What would you have done differently to make the graph more dynamic, appealing, or accurate?

Looking at the article as a whole, should more graphics have been added to the document, or did the existing graph simplify the document well enough?

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