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February 5, 2021
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February 5, 2021

Health Informatics | nursing writers

Review EHR .
Create a job aid for new nurse administrators at your practicum facility. Include the following:

A brief description of the EHR being used
Assessment of how the EHR does aligns to healthcare information standards

If alignment is missing, review the standards that need to be considered.

Analysis of the EHR security and actions they may need to take to ensure ongoing security
Explanation of how patient confidentiality is managed
Outline how the nurse administrator may use data to make appropriate decisions

Describe the process.

Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources to support your information.
Format your job-aid as a brochure, tri-fold, pamphlet, poster or other format approved by your facilitator.
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The post Health Informatics first appeared on Nursing Essays Writers.


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