Human Resource Management homework help

Health Promotion Literature Review
April 9, 2021
how does gender impact culture what is the relationship between gender and the division of labor different societies have different expectations of how males and femalesshould work and what specific jobs and tasks they should have
April 9, 2021

Human Resource Management homework help

The project assignment provides a forum for analyzing and evaluating relevant topics of this week on the basis of the course competencies covered.


Building a high-performing team is a process. The leaders who cultivate and build such teams understand the importance of common goals and success in achieving those goals. As a leader, you will ultimately strive to build your own high-performing team.


Read the following article for assistance:

  • Characterizing Teamwork in Cardiovascular Care Outcomes: A Network Analytics Approach

You will make a plan to develop your high-performing team. In developing your team, be sure to include the following:

  • Describe how you will communicate common goals.
  • Describe how you will address conflict in a way that is positive within the team.
  • Assist each member embrace his or her role within the team.
  • Explain the things you will do to energize your team.

Be sure to provide specific examples and rationale behind your steps.
To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use theSouth University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.


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