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January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

Human Sexuality |


Choose one film or media segment used in class and reflect on your thoughts from this excerpt. Students must use a minimum of 3 reputable sources. Sources must be cited within the text and in a References page using MLA or APA format. When critiquing the media segment, consider the following: What was the sexual content of the media segment? Do you believe the segment accurately portrays sexuality in American society? Why or why not?

The paper should also address 3-4 of the following questions:

  • What did you learn from this film/media example?
  • How did the film/media segment connect to some of the topics or concepts that we have discussed in class?
  • What circumstances in the past may have caused this event/way of thinking to become prevalent in society?
  • Does the film/media segment remind you of something else that has taken place in another state or country?
  • How might this film/media segment affect you or other people’s lives?
  • What is your opinion of the film/media segment and why do you feel that way?
  • What can you do (or have you done) to initiate change in your own thinking or daily habits?
  • What are some possible solutions to the problems that were discussed?

Your paper should be at least 4 pages in length (no more than 5 pages) and it must be: typed, double-spaced, proofread, edited, and spell-checked, using 12-point Times New Roman font.

Media List

John Oliver: Sex Education

The Virgin Daughters

Brothers and Sisters in Love


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