i d like some help with this question

Social Science homework help
April 8, 2021
what are your initial reactions to this film what stands out what did you know not know etc
April 8, 2021

i d like some help with this question

there is two files I couldn’t upload here because their too big i’ll have to send it via email, one file is a code example and the other is for the question.

  1. Print the average (mean) loan and funded amounts.
  2. Print the largest and smallest interest rates.
  3. Save a csv file called home_improvement_loans.csv that contains all those loans whose “purpose” is home_improvement. Include only the columns loan_amnt, funded_amnt, and int_rate.
  4. Save a csv file called employments.csv that contains the count of rows for all employments found in the data (emp_title column). E.g., there are 68 rows with employment title “Rn” (registered nurse). There should be nearly 44k different employment titles.


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