Impact of Drug Abuse |

analyze how the notion of the moral good in utilitarianism leads to a unique approach to ethical problems
January 21, 2021
Write an essay and re-do the PPT make sure you have knowledge of Ethics and law
January 21, 2021

Impact of Drug Abuse |

Choose one of the topics below.

  • Summarize an article that deals with some aspect of your chosen career or major. The article may be one about job opportunities in your field, or it may focus on a particular issue central to your field.
  • Summarize an article that helps you solve a problem in your life. Whether you are trying to find ways to save more money, impress an interviewer, organize your time, choose an automobile, or eat more nutritiously, dozens of articles await you in the library or on the Internet.
  • Write a summary of an article that explores a current social problem, such as homelessness, drug abuse, domestic violence, or school violence.

Step 2 Complete the assignment.

In a one-page (250-word) paper, summarize your chosen topic. Because articles often vary widely in length, be sure to choose an article that is substantial enough to lend itself to summarizing. Be sure to cite any articles you use according to the documentation style specified by your instructor

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