September 9, 2020
September 9, 2020


300–500 words


Week Three Individual Project

Field Observation Report:

This week, you will attend and observe a sporting event of your choice. It could be a local high school basketball game, a neighborhood bowling tournament, a professional baseball or football game, a tennis match, etc. During your time at the game, you are to put on your “sociologist/ethnographer hat.” That is, you will not be a participant yourself, but an observer, noting the following and making notes on the social interactions you see:

  • Describe the setting of the competition—what are the key elements of space and environment that affect behavior?
  • Who is there? What are the fans like—their age, gender, status, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, education, etc.?
  • What about the players—how do they compare with the fans in terms of demographics?
  • What social behaviors stand out? For example, who hangs out with whom, and what are the moods and social dynamics?
  • What special language and knowledge characterizes the sport?
  • What notable or particular behavior of individuals or groups stands out in this event?

Figure out how you want to take notes by hand during the field observation. You will input them into the electronic form when you get to your computer (unless you are a tech-savvy person who takes notes right on your notebook device).

Utilize this template to record your observations in the field.

You will want to use the observation sheet to guide you as you write your final paper.Submit your final paper as a Microsoft Word document in paragraph format.

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