Information Systems homework help

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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Information Systems homework help

Provide a reflection of at least 750 words (or 2.5 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment. If you are not currently working, share times when you have or could observe these theories and knowledge could be applied to an employment opportunity in your field of study.
• Provide a 750 word (or 2.5 pages double spaced) minimum reflection.
• Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited. Must have all required APA components: cover sheet, references as needed, and others.
• Share a personal connection that identifies specific knowledge and theories from this course.
• Demonstrate a connection to your current work environment. If you are not employed, demonstrate a connection to your desired work environment.
• You should NOT provide an overview of the assignments assigned in the course. The assignment asks that you reflect on how the knowledge and skills obtained through meeting course objectives were applied or could be applied in the workplace.


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