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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Information Systems homework help – Coursework Geeks

HI150-5: Examine future technologies important to the management of health information.

Discussion:  Final Discussion and Preparation for Final Quiz

In this final discussion board, share your experiences with the course and identify the activity, or activities, that you found the most beneficial in learning more about computers and health information technology.

End your discussion by indicating the areas in which you feel you need more information, or assistance in, such as additional training, exposure, or practice.

Participation Expectations: Please engage on this topic throughout the unit by posting one main response by Saturday and two reply posts by the end of the unit. Your main post to the discussion should contain about 100-150 words, with no more than 10% quoting, and all sources cited with a reference list in APA style. Each reply post should contain about 50–75 words—use of APA style as needed.

This is a graded Discussion. To review the grading rubric, go to Course Resources/Grading Rubrics.


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