introduction and methode for a biochemistry lab report

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January 18, 2021
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January 18, 2021
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introduction and methode for a biochemistry lab report

Hello dear,

I need a lab report for biochemistry lab, I’m gonna attach a lab manual of our lab includes 3 experiments. Each experiment has one introduction and one method combine the three in 3 pages. start with one experiment and then after the second and the third one lastly and same for method with one reference for the introduction.

Thank you.


Background information

How does this experiment tie into the field, currently.

What are we doing, what did our experiment show

“Previous literature has done ___, our experiment will expand, show, etc.” Something along those lines with — our experiment used novel PCR and electroporation to illuminate how cool we are.

Reference research adequately

You need to have more than just the lab manual

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