ism5021privacy and security products tools

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April 18, 2021
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April 18, 2021
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ism5021privacy and security products tools

Part I:

Each member must select a privacy product or tool serving individuals and:

1. Brief description/explanation

2. What is the business problem it claims to solve?

3. Restate the problem as a research question (RQ) – how can we design/create a system to….

4. Motivation/Justification – Why is this problem important/valuable to solve?

5. What other products/tools are competing to solve this same problem, or is this the only current solution being offered?

The team must vote on which member’s product/tool is the best and why. (Links to an external site.)

Part II:

Each member must find a cyber security product or tool serving organizations, and complete the same analysis as Part I.


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