It is said “Everything is negotiable.

plied across the electrodes of a photocell when radiation of a fixed frequency but different intensities is shone on the metal plate of the photocell?… |
November 15, 2020
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November 15, 2020

It is said “Everything is negotiable.

It is said “Everything is negotiable.” You are the Procurement officer for a manufacturing company and given a purchase requirement to buy and support 10 large power generators for the company’s three manufacturing plants. Your company needs them within 90 days to meet existing customer purchase orders. Receiving the generators early would enable your company to win a new high-dollar contract to supply a potential customer with manufactured items.

Discuss at least THREE issues apart from the purchase price that you’ll want to address with potential suppliers of the generators. Include in your discussion how the three issues might relate to the basic purchase price of the generators.

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