it is supply chain trans class plz follow the requirement

six hundred words essay what are the three different methods of production which method is better what are their advantages and disadvantages
April 8, 2021
Writing a Code of Conduct (Regulation and Compliance in Healthcare)
April 8, 2021

it is supply chain trans class plz follow the requirement

plz just answer the following questions from

– plz try to write (150) words for each for ( each ) question

– plz do not use advanced words keep it simple as much as u can.

plz do not send the answer with a microsoft word

just plz write the questions and answer them and send them through the chat

3pl and FF

Discussion questions: 8

  1. From last mile to last yard, what do you think about this value-adding service 3PLs are providing to their clients? Would it become an industry norm? How important is it for the last yard deliveries?
  2. What are the pros and cons of asset-based vs. non asset-based 3PLs?
  3. What’s kitting and what’s postponement?


transportation risk mgmt

Discussion questions:

  1. Go to The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site ( to read about the CSA scores for a motor carrier of your choice. What do you learn about the scores?
  2. How does the COVID-19 affect the airlines? How would you cope with it if you were running one of the airlines?


current issues

Discussion question:

What current issue do you think is the most critical to carriers? To shippers?


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