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March 27, 2021
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March 27, 2021

literature review 279 – The Nursing Hub

I am working on a research paper about the way international students and professor communicate

Here are some details that will help you as writing the literature review:

A literature review

is one step beyond an annotated bibliography. You should take your annotated

bibliography and construct an argument about the research on this topic.

This argument should

a) provide a historical context for the topic, i.e., where did communication research about it

start? How did it start? What was it used to explain?

b) Explanation and definition of major concepts related to the topic.

c) trace the development of the research about the topic, i.e., what has it become? How has it

evolved? What is it now used to explain?

d) Explain the strengths and weaknesses of these various stages and applications of the research

about the topic, i.e., how has it been effective? How is it not effective?

e) Explain what the relevance of the research about this topic today, i.e., what relevance does it

have for communication today that either has not been researched yet, but should be? This

argument makes up your literature review.

The way to write a literature review is to write the section and then integrate quotes and citations and

quotes where needed to attribute credit and/or bolster what you have to say about each section. I have attached an example that will help you.


For this paper, please use at least 15 sources and cite them at the end and in the text. This is very important work. I will add this to the large paper. I will send you later the other part of the paper once I finish organize them.

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