Management homework help

please follow the direction below and make each topic separately please response each bullet from the topics
February 20, 2021
Basic Principles of Communication |
February 20, 2021

Management homework help

Objective: Competitor Communication Analysis

Select at least 2 competitors to your brand, using specific examples, describe and analyze their communication strategy.

This project requires a visual presentation

  • Consider their approach to storytelling and image creation across communication channels.
  • Include a collaboration project and the partners involved (include images), analyze the strategic significance and why you think the brands decided to partner.
  • Analyze and evaluate the collaboration’s success using secondary and primary sources to support your evaluation.

Compare the brand’s comprehensive approach to how you will market your NEW brand and identify points of similarity and differentiation.

  • Use visuals to illustrate your points.
  • Your analysis should be supported with relevant visuals.

Challenge: Create brand content (photo or video) for the NEW brand’s Social Media Launch.


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