Marketing homework help

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Marketing homework help

BUS 117 Fall 2020

Assignment #2

Due Date: Friday, 11/20 This assignment is meant for you to apply what you’ve learned from the second part of the course to a popular topic of interest every February: Super Bowl ads. Companies pay big bucks each year for a Super Bowl ad (~$5 million for a 30-second spot!!!), but we should ask: Is it worth it? Is what they’re doing effective? The following assignment will look at these issues in further depth. Choose one advertisement from Super Bowl 2020 (wow, it feels like decades ago…). For reference, videos of most of this year’s ads can be found here:

Writing Assignment (10 pts) Watch the commercial a few times. Then, think about the following: 1. Planning and Development. (2 pts)

A. Which of the two major selling ideas is utilized? Explain. 2. Implementation. (8 pts)

A. What kind of appeal is being used? Explain. B. Does the appeal align with the major selling idea? Explain.

C. What kind of execution technique is used? Explain. D. Does the execution technique align with the appeal? Explain.

3. Overall Thoughts.

A. Would you have changed anything about this ad in order to give it a stronger overall message? Explain.


Write-Up Instructions

3-5* pages, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point Times New Roman. Writing should be clear, articulate, and concise.


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