Memo and Presentation, health and medicine homework help

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January 14, 2021
Explain the issues and concerns of Flight Deck Human-Machine Interface. Provide both the positives and possible hazards to this interface.
January 14, 2021

Memo and Presentation, health and medicine homework help

You are the very first compliance officer at a hospital system comprised of four hospitals and seven physician offices. The hospital system has a non-profit status. The chairman of the board wants to know more about your role and what you will be accomplishing for the hospital system. More importantly, he is very concerned about possible liability both enterprise wide and personal in nature. The Chairman also serves as the chief surgeon of the hospital system. Other members of the board include the COO, CEO, Attorney, an anesthesiologist, an oncologist, an accountant and a nurse manager.



You were asked to draft a memo and corresponding presentation(POWERPOINT) for the board of directors. The board needs you to present a paper and presentation addressing the following.

  1. What are your duties as a compliance officer? Why See: Make the case that you should report to the Board of Directors.
  2. Create a list of sources for future use: the CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) section, a law review article, links to federal websites, stakeholder associations for hospitals, one hospital website that describes their compliance program, a white paper or journal article and a news article.

Your submission must be submitted in the form of a typed double-spaced paper. The final draft of the paper shall consist of 3-5 pages. The page count does not include the required APA formatted cover page, reference page and/or any graphical illustrations. Use headings to organize your paper. Legal citations should be used to the best of your ability.


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