Module 2 – Power Point Presentation Questions

Discuss the changes you would make to your digital media presentation, including visual enhancements
January 21, 2021
Explain the methods and steps in the nursing process
January 21, 2021

Module 2 – Power Point Presentation Questions

My course is Integrated Capstone – Master of Health Administration.

Assignment: There are two questions in this assignment, one for each of the two Power Point presentations. Answer both questions.

Two questions based upon the content of the PowerPoint presentations on creating and maintaining value and on the building blocks of competencies:

Question 1: How would using systems thinking help administrators

Create and maintain value in their operations?

Question 2: Describe how skills as one of the building blocks of

competencies might be reflected in the 5 specific themes

of: values, cognition, interpersonal behaviors, valuing

diversity, and change orientation?

Please,answer both questions .

Please simple writing and no references.

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