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June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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music blog 1

watch a film…

and write small essay

Question: Using Levine’s examples of globalization having both positive and negative potential, describe your opinions regarding the phenomenon of hiphop in Morocco based upon the film I Love Hip Hop in Morocco. Students may choose to view hip-hop in Morocco positively, negatively, or both. The important thing to do to fulfill the assignment is to

1) evaluate Moroccan hip-hop (positive, negative, mixed) and then

2) support your opinion through examples from the film (and/or ideas from the reading assignment), as well as your own experiences, knowledge, and preferences.

This is a reflection and opinion paper, not a research paper. There is no single correct answer here, but move beyond saying you like or don’t like something to explain why. If, in the end, you feel ambivalent about hip-hop in Morocco, explain your ambivalence and demonstrate an awareness of positive or negative viewpoints of the subject as expressed by the people in the film or the reading assignment’s author. Use any of the questions raised in the writing prompt above as a point of departure. Don’t feel pressured to answer everything; the assignment is too brief to do that. Rather, view the above prompts and questions as a menu from which you can choose ideas that you wish to discuss


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