September 9, 2020
September 9, 2020


Question for you. Would you be able to complete and “MAKE-UP”  a mystery shopper report? 



Criteria: It doesn’t matter to me what business you select for the survey-retail, hotel, restaurant , bar, car wash, etc but you need to actually visit the location in order to complete the survey. Do it as if you were getting paid by the company to perform a mystery shopper survey. Note what time and date you did the survey, how long you were on the site and name(s) of any employees you dealt with while doing survey.


in addition to the survey portion of the project , you should also have a discussion of what what business the company was in, a background on the company/location etc,why you picked that company and what recommendations you would make to its management to address any “shortfalls’ noted in your report. total project should be 5-8 pages including survey, weighting and text.


You can certainly use sample surveys found on online but you should create originality using the online surveys as a guide. 

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