Non-Newtonian Fluids introduction and conclusion

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October 6, 2020
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October 6, 2020

Non-Newtonian Fluids introduction and conclusion

help me write the introduction and conclusion for my lab report. it’s pretty easy. i need the introduction in ONEDAY and conclusion in 3 days.

The introduction introduces the subject to the reader. It presents the motivation and essential objectives of the experiment and the general approach to be taken, and sets the point of view of the entire report.

1. Statethemotivationforthestudyandreport–WHYareyoudoingthisandthen telling someone about it (organizational need).

2. Connectthemotivationtoyourgeneralexperimentalapproach–WHATdidyouneed to find in order to fulfill your goals (technical need). 

This section and the one following summarize the discussion of results. This section may be combined with the Recommendations section if that makes the document flow better.

  1. Inconclusions,stateinshort,concisesentencesthemajorconclusionsthatyouhave led to in the discussion section. Do not present new material that has not been developed in the discussion, or is not obvious from the results.

  2. InbothConclusionsandRecommendations,itusuallyaidsclaritytonumberthe statements, starting a new paragraph with each one. Take up the subjects in the same order as you placed them in the Introduction, Results, and Discussion. 


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