NUR4827 Florida National Week 8 Healthcare Industry Today Discussion

What are its strengths? What problems or potential problems can you identify?
January 13, 2021
Nuclear Power and Greenhouse Gases discussion
January 13, 2021

NUR4827 Florida National Week 8 Healthcare Industry Today Discussion

Hi, use APA format, Please follow the correct format for heading, I had been loosing point for this issue. Elaborate a title, and adequate it to heading.

Read Chapter 10

1. In the last century, what historical, social, political, and economic trends and issues have influenced today’s health-care system?

2. What is the purpose and process of evaluating the three aspects of health care: structure, process, and outcome?

3. How does technology improve patient outcomes and the health-care system?

4. How can you intervene to improve quality of care and safety within the health-care system and at the bedside?

2. Select one nonprofit organization or one government agencies that influences and advocates for quality improvement in the health-care system. Explore the Web site for your selected organization/agency and answer the following questions: •

What does the organization/agency do that supports the hallmarks of quality? •

What have been the results of their efforts for patients, facilities, the health-care delivery system, or the nursing profession? •

How has the organization/agency affected facilities where you are practicing and your own professional practice?


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