Nursing homework help

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March 4, 2021
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March 4, 2021

Nursing homework help

School of Business – Department of Marketing
Course Name: Social Innovation
Course Code: 20SMGB316
Instructor Name: Dr. Sam Toglaw


Assessment 2
Problem Report
(Project –Part-A)



This is a PBL group assessment and it is worth 30% of the total grade of this unit. The students are required to work in groups and prepare a problem report. This assessment should be submitted by turnitin following the link created by LMS. This assessment covers SLO1, SLO2, and SLO3



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Project Description
Students are required to work in groups (3-4 members, depending on the class size). You are required to choose a local problem that affects a large community or the whole society and design a creative solution to it.
Social innovation starts with a problem and brings a novel solution to it that has a wide spread benefit for the society. In this assessment, you will describe the problem and define its causes and complete your audit requirements. Then, you will use the information and data collected in Assessment 2 to create and present your innovative solution in Assessment 3.

Your Problem Report should include and discuss the following elements:

1-Define and review the selected problem, its history and stakeholders that are directly and indirectly affected by it. You need to engage with your group members and think about problems that your community faces. This task requires personal observation, brain storming and critical thinking skills.

2-Analyze the problem and find out its potential causes. Use the 5Whys and 5Ws approach to understand the causes of the problem and describe possible factors affecting it, then present your finding in a process chart.

3-Explain why this problem could be wicked or not. What resources are available and what resources are needed to solve the problem.

4- What solutions were implemented in the past to solve this problem and why do you think they did not work?

5-What could happen if the problem was left unsolved? How would the problem grow and get more complicated?

Submission and other details

In addition to your teaching material and electronic resources, all reports must cite at least four (4) different published journal papers or relevant secondary sources (excluding web-based information). Use Harvard reference system.

This report assessment refers to ACK School of Business rubric for writing reports and essays. Group reports must be submitted by one member of the group to turnitin through the link sent to you by your instructor. Due date will be set by your instructor.

Assessment Rubric
This assessment covers SLO1, SLO2, SLO3


Student and Assessor sign here to acknowledge the assessment result and any further noted actions to be taken.




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