>Nursing homework help

April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

>Nursing homework help

The Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to relate the concepts of critical thinking to your professional practice.

  • Read the article attached below: Critical Thinking at the Bedside: Providing Safe Passage to Patients. MedSurg Nursing, 22(2), 85-93, 118 by Robert and Petersen (2013).
  • Reflection can be an important strategy in critical thinking. It allows for evaluation of events and consideration of how an event might have been handled differently, more effectively, more efficiently. Just as with history, understanding past events allows us to prevent repeating the same mistakes…or, in nursing, allows us to modify our actions should the same situation recur. Sometimes the reflection allows us to take apart the event and analyze the parts, recognizing just how well the actions taken contributed to the successful solution. Your assignment related to the concept of critical thinking is to reflect on your practice and present a situation in which:

Critical thinking was evident:
Critical thinking was not evident (impeded).

  • Summarize the situation and identify the defining attributes, and enhancing factors that were present (critical thinking evident) or notably absent (critical thinking not evident or impeded). The situation may be client based, an episode with colleagues, or even within the health care system where you work(ed). (If you have never worked in a health care environment, consider clinical or life experiences you have had for this assignment). Make sure you use terms from the article, cite the article properly within your discussion, and provide a reference citation.

Note: ( APA Format 7th edition and Zero plagiarism )

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