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April 8, 2021
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Change Proposal
In first portion of your capstone, you will create a comprehensive change proposal designed to promote health and to prevent disease in your selected health care environment (current employer, previous employer, or within the broader nursing community, subject to instructor approval). This artifact will showcase your abilities as a nursing professional capable of leading change in a complex healthcare environment.
As a practicing RN-BSN, you will be expected to bring clinical expertise to your work and take on a leadership role in continually improving patient care. Your change proposal should be geared toward convincing an audience of administrative decision-makers that change is needed and that your plan is
desirable and viable. It should clearly and concisely lay out the problem you are seeking to address and suggest specific evidence-based changes, including a plan for implementing and evaluating those changes. You should also specify and approximate a timeframe for carrying out your plan and the resources you will need. (Note: You do not need to actually implement the change and evaluate it, just create a plan for how you would do so.)
Remember that in order for you to gain support for your proposal, it will need to be succinct, clear, and well-supported throughout by credible research and evidence.
Your proposal should contain the following sections:

  1. Introduction
    1. Identify a clinical or nonclinical problem that is relevant to nurses in your workplace or former workplace or is a recognized issue in the local,
      state, or national nursing community from which you can act as a change agent and propose a change.
    2. Explain why you selected the issue, identifying the significance to nursing practice and the expected outcomes from the change.
  2. Justification of Need
    1. Explain the current situation of the targeted organization for your proposed change.
    2. Develop arguments with evidence that support this need for change.
  3. Pre-Implementation Plan
    1. Identify a specific change theory that will assist you with planning stages of your change proposal
    2. Identify activities needed prior to implementing your change, making theory-to-practice connections with each key element and impact of
      change to the element
    3. Discuss a plan for activities needed to leverage this element to promote change and identify the stakeholders that may be involved in theseactivities. The activities you propose must cover multiple aspects of health practice surrounding the problem, including but not limited to:aa

a.Patient and Nurse Safety
b.Information Management Systems
c.Health Literacy
d.Administrative Policies
e.Ethical Considerations (i.e.; equity of access and treatment, etc.)
change proposal should include a title page and table of contents and should conform to the latest APA writing conventions and citations.


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